1,  europe domestic

pls check the safe method :  click here



2, what is the payment method?



payment method:



we keep very cheap price with bitcoin payment,in order to encourage more clients to use bitcoin.



still acceptable, but we charge 5% of order. 


--Bank transfer 

only for purchase of 10 kits or more




I take bitcoin as prior, it's very safe, no international transaction fee and easy to pay instantly. the best way for long term business. u can also pay to all other sources.  first time to buy bitcoin, a little confused, but u do once, then it will be very easy. it might take several days to buy bitcoin, don't worry, we hold the order until u get bitcoin.


WU, its too tough for us, the receiver is flagged after a while, for the moment, we still accepte them, but we charge 5% of order. ex: order is 300$,  we charge 300$+300$*5%=315$.


more detail about bitcoin and mg, click here 




3, what is the shipping method?


that depends on different countries, we choose the best way for fast delivery.


we ship it with tracking number in less than 24 hours after the payment.



4, Delivery time


USA: 6-12 business days normally, might be delayed sometimes.

europe domestic:  2-7 business days normally

other countries: 3-15 business  days


5, what is reship policy?


to USA,UK: if the package is lost ,we guarantee the reshipment. no worries,make an order then just wait at home.


EUROPE DOMESTIC:  we guarantee the reshipment ,0 worry, 100% safe for u. 


To other countries:  we can ship to any other countries, but we can't guarantee reshipment.  cause its too cheap, we can't take more risk to lose money,thanks for understanding