promo 1


50$ discount


if u leave honest review and vote us on eroids, you will get 50$ discount for next order.


how to vote ?

1, pls go to eroids,reviews section, click here

2, u post a review, then vote us like the picture below.



3, place an order on site,then u PM me on eroids with order number, then i give u 50$ discount for the order.


condition of vote:

1, u must have at least 6 karmas point on your account on eroids, if u don't have enough karmas, u go to pictures section, u post self shots,gear pictures etc, u will get 6 karmas very fast.

2, u can vote us only once every 6 months.



promo 2


100$ discount  on eroids


if u run blood test on IGF1, u post it on eroids, then u vote us on reviews section, u will get 100$ discount for the order.



promo 3


80$ discount on others boards


if u run blood test on IGF1, u post it on others boards, u will get 80$ discount for the order.